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                                    Fred McKie APP


Who is Fred McKie?

Born in Central West NSW and still a Blues supporter - it's my state of origin, after all - but a Queenslander for more than a decade now. Scottish paternal grandad, German ancestry on my mother's side; an accent that often results in being mistaken for English having lived in Hampshire for a few years many moons ago. Oh and totally in love with Southwest America. Yes, I'm a mixed bag!

Passionate about showcasing Earth's beauty, as well as mankind's relationship with our planet, I have a great love for landscape photography which I embrace regularly in my personal work. Architecture is also a favourite subject matter, but I also seek diversity in what I shoot and always enjoy a challenge!

Variety is the spice of life as they say ... and taking on new and interesting photography projects, whatever they may be, is what keeps me energised.

Client work predominantly revolves around landscape, architecture and lifestyle imagery, however, so my skillset is well aligned with tourism and destination marketing needs in particular.

As a visual content creator – whether for commercial advertising, corporate or editorial purposes – I constantly aim to help my clients engage their audiences by producing memorable imagery that tells a story and generates emotion. Outstanding visuals with impact is always the goal.

Driven by my commitment to true professionalism as a photographer and providing the ultimate in client satisfaction, as well as a strong belief in continuous professional development, I actively participate in Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) workshops, seminars and other industry events as well as using the state and national awards programs for benchmarking purposes.

What is the meaning of the "APP" post-nominal letters in the caption below my photo above? Accredited Professional Photographer.

There's few barriers to entering professional photography - it's not uncommon for people who have not longed owned a camera and who have minimal photography knowledge or ability to start calling themselves "professional" and charge for photoshoots - however not all photographers are the same. The APP post-nominals are reflective of the fact my professional status as a photographer has been formally validated and recognised through an ACCC-certified accreditation process implemented by the AIPP, the only recognised professional imaging membership body in Australia.

Conversation starters

Born:  Tottenham, NSW Central West.

Raised:  Bundanoon, NSW Southern Highlands.

Education:  Never enough and always ongoing.

First love:  Cricket. Long before I met my wife Paula or took up photography!

First job:  Newspaper journalism cadetship, aged 17.

First overseas travel:  Summer of village cricket in England, aged 19, playing more than 40 matches in four months for Lymington in Hampshire. Yep, I'm an absolute cricket tragic! But it's how I met Paula. After briefly returning to Australia at the end of the cricket season, it wasn't long before I was back in Hampshire and the rest is history!

First foray into photography:  When my first editor unexpectedly handed me a camera during my cadetship at The Goulburn Post way back in 1996 ... but my love for it started to grow only during my early travels. After more than a decade as a photography enthusiast I turned pro in 2013, immediately signing on for the AIPP's Emerging Member mentorship program which proved invaluable from a business perspective. Thankfully the enthusiasm for photography as an art form remains!

Favourite travel adventure to date:  Hiking from the South Rim to the Colorado River and back to the South Rim on the same day at the Grand Canyon, in September 2013, via the South Kaibab Trail and Bright Angel Trail. Arguably ill-advised, but what an accomplishment - especially weighed down by about 15kg of camera equipment. Admittedly if it wasn't for Paula's encouragement I probably wouldn't have made it back to the top and likely would have joined the list of idiotic 30-somethings having to be rescued.