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As an AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer, I take great pride in creating engaging imagery for all of my photography clients. Can I help you too?

          FRED McKIE APP

          FRED McKIE APP

G'day, I'm Fred McKie and I'm an AIPP-accredited and award-winning architectural and landscape photographer with a reputation for creating vibrant, high-clarity images.

I welcome briefs for aerial photography and elevated photography, regardless of budget level and approach required (helicopter/plane, drone, cherry picker, elevated pole or simply from an overlooking vantage point).


Why me?

I know how to craft beautiful architectural and landscape images, whether from ground level or a higher vantage point.

Brisbane-based but willing to travel, I can organise the photoshoot in its entirety including taking care of all necessary paperwork.


Require aerial photography from a helicopter/plane? I can charter the aircraft, liaise with the pilot about air space restrictions and ensure he/she is fully briefed about what we're needing once in the air and provide clear communication in-flight so that you get the very best possible shots to serve you well.

Considering a more cost-efficient option?


Why not utilise modern technology and opt for a drone? I can bring in a CASA-certified associate to fly the craft while allowing me to handle the image capture. Together we will ensure you get great photographs. 

Cherry picker

Cherry pickers still offer a suitable option in some instances and can easily be arranged. For photography purposes, generally the bigger the better for added stability - especially if shooting in low light, such as dawn or dusk, is required. I've even created massive stitched panoramas from a series of images captured using a cherry picker for elevation.

What if your budget does not allow for hiring any specialised equipment whatsoever?

Elevated pole

I'm vastly experienced with elevated pole photography and have a pole in my kit. I can raise my camera to about 8m using the pole, allowing for a dramatic difference in the point-of-view that usually suffices for creating an eye-catching image of buildings of only two or three storeys. It works a treat for luxury homes, for example.

Overlooking vantage point

The other alternative, which often works well for shooting hero images of inner-city buildings, is to shoot from an elevated position on a nearby building if access can be obtained - whether through a clean window (I have a method for illuminating reflections in such shots), through an open window, from a balcony or even harnessed-in from a rooftop or ledge. My service can include scouting potential locations and working to secure permissions.

The big picture

Regardless of budget level and approach to be taken, I see my job as going beyond creating beautiful pictures. It's also about delivering incredible customer service to make your life easier!

Whether working with direct clients or agencies, I always strive to exceed expectations - not only with the images I deliver but my approach, including striving for superior communication from start to finish. This begins with ensuring I have a full understanding of your brief, clearly outlining all terms, efficiently organising the photoshoot and supplying proofs/selects in a timely manner.

Experienced at working with art directors and graphic designers, and with an editorial production and graphic design background myself, I seek to add value to every client interaction and you can rest assured that I understand the importance of delivering work on schedule and on budget. You'll find I'm a big believer in the "under promise, over deliver" philosophy.

My services include either fully in-house post-production or utilising highly talented professional retouchers to ensure delivery of beautifully polished image files.

My clients also benefit from an effortless online proofing tool that dramatically simplifies the process of selecting images following a photoshoot, including enabling you to review sets of images grouped by relevant keywords. (Curious to see this in action? Be sure to let me know ... I'd be happy to send you a link to a sample proofing gallery or provide a demonstration!)


Call 0435 018 890 today to discuss your aerial or elevated photography requirements or click the button below to supply your brief and I'll be in touch ASAP.

Alternatively, you're welcome to simply email me: