International Loupe Awards delivers silver and two bronze

It’s official. I’m now an international award-winning photographer!

Having entered the International Loupe Awards for the first time - in fact, my first entry ever into a major photography contest - I’m proud to announce that I have received a Silver and two Bronze awards in the Open competition for a series of images created in Arizona earlier this year.

A Monument Valley landscape photograph titled Monument Valley Storm, depicting a rain storm cutting across the desert scene and taken from a vantage point high above on Hunts Mesa in Navajo Nations backcountry, earned Silver. 

Another landscape titled Horseshoe Bend at Dawn, this time depicting Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River at Page, earned Bronze.

A third landscape, this time in portrait orientation, also earned Bronze. Simply titled Upper Antelope Canyon, it depicts intricate plays of light and shadow on the eroded rock walls of the much-visited slot canyon.

Monument Valley Storm actually placed 42nd overall in Open Landscape, making the top 50 alongside acclaimed Aussie landscape photographers such as overall winner Adam Williams, runner-up Tom Putt and 2011 AIPP Landscape Photographer of the Year Christian Fletcher.

Interestingly, no Gold awards were handed out in Open Landscape and less than 7.5% of overall entries in this year's awards achieved Silver or better.