Uncovering student hang-outs means discovering new things in my own backyard

I love that my career sometimes allows me to discover new things about my local surrounds.

After being commissioned last year by international university student location and accommodation research website Student.com to create photographs for a Central Brisbane "neighbourhood guide", essentially an editorial showcase of what the area offers prospective students, I had to get my thinking cap on. Where do the cool kids like to hang?

After undertaking some research and drafting a shot list in consultation with Student.com's UK-based editorial team, who has some particular points of interest that were "must have" inclusions, I set off ... and, despite being much older than your average uni student, found myself wondering why I didn't know about some places sooner. There's some very cool cafes and bars out there that I'd never heard of, some in laneways I never knew existed!

As well as "student life" images showcasing cafes, bars and other places students might frequent, general leisure time activities, shops, transport options and landmark buildings or attractions, the brief also called for a few on-campus shots.

Among my favourite new discoveries were Cobbler whisky bar and Archive Beer Boutique in West End, Hoo Ha Bar in South Brisbane and CBD laneway finds Bean CaféBrew and Super Whatnot. But West End had some more pretty cool venues too, including the Red Bay Silverbullet - a bar in a train carriage - and the quite colourful Motor Room, as well as the Swop clothing exchange.