Adding energy and life to Brisbane CBD building lease-marketing campaign

It was a lot of fun teaming up with Sydney agency Design Suite last year to create a property and amenity image library for corporate purposes relating to the A-Grade office tower at 240 Queen St, Brisbane, aka the Commonwealth Bank Building.

The brief from creative director Wes Shaw included a new hero shot of the building exterior - an architectural photography element - as well as capturing the lifestyle of the building as a workplace, to help create an engaging lease marketing campaign.

With the necessary commercial photography permits in place, this involved natural-light photography showcasing surrounding amenities - including Queen Street Mall, Post Office Square, Anzac Square, King George Square etc - while incorporating motion-blurred people into the pictures wherever possible, to give the impression of a busy, bustling city centre.

With no professional talent involved in the project and a heavy focus on professionals and executive types required, this required not only a fair bit of patience on location but also a considerable amount of compositing in post-production to achieve the right vibe.

Some detail shots, including showcasing transportation signage and luxury retail outlets in the vicinity, were also required.

I've included just a few sample photographs created during the project here. A total of 30 images were licensed for use by the end client.