Vibrant, vivid carpets make for colourful Sydney hotel's image library

When a client's slogan is "Dare to be different" it's a pretty sure bet that there's a fun photoshoot ahead.

Having been flown from Brisbane to Sydney in January to shoot fresh marketing images for the stylish, funky and unique ADGE Hotel in Surry Hills - and its sister hotel next door - reality certainly lived up to my expectations.

The apartment hotel's vibrant and vivid striped carpets were bound to make for some colourful images, so it was sensible to allow them to have centre stage in the imagery created - both for the room interiors photographs and the lifestyle shots.

And with the colourful design extending to graffiti wall art in the foyer, wardrobe and prop choices took on extra importance.

It was agreed in advance with the hotel's marketing manager to ensure plain clothing, with neutral colours and sans any patterns, should be worn by the amateur talent featuring in the lifestyle images - a couple of hotel staff members, who had fun along the way and did an amazing job considering their lack of experience - to avoid crazy colour clashes.

With the hotel's target market including young business client and young couples, I shot images to cover each segment as well as showcasing the apartments' open-plan living and city views.

This shoot was the first time I used the Profoto Off-Camera Flash (OCF) system - top-quality battery-powered strobe lights ideal for photography on location - having collected some rental B1s from The Front down the road in Alexandria enroute from Sydney Airport to the hotel. I loved their portability, reliability and ease-of-use so much, I've since invested in purchasing the B1 location kit and B2 location kit.