Sideshow Alley delivers a tonne of fun and a whirl of colour

The Ekka is almost upon us yet again and no doubt Sideshow Alley will be one of the most popular attractions for the young and young at heart.

Sideshow Alley is always a whirl of colour - and it’s none more evident upon dusk and after dark.

As a Brisbane photographer, The Ekka always holds allure. A couple of years ago I photographed the highlights of Sideshow Alley during the daytime, but this year I wanted to play with spinning lights and create light trails against the night sky.

These are a few photographs that I captured last year. All purposely have been shot in a way to create motion blur and show the movement of the thrill rides.

The last shot, a closeup of lights on the spinning Extreme ride as it passes across the night sky, can perhaps artistically be interpreted a soundwave for screams!

The 2016 Ekka is on from August 7-16.